Management Vs Leadership

A while back I hosted preVentia’s first networking event which we all felt was a great success. We created around 200 new connections. I’ll be sending out details soon for our next event in Melbourne in September.

At our last event I delivered a presentation exploring the topic “Management vs Leadership”. After the event I provided my notes, references and suggested reading. I want to share these with you all today.

Management is about making a product or providing a service. It’s about making sure you meet targets or find ways to do it cheaper or faster than yesterday. The manager directs people, oversees tasks and so on.

A leader doesn’t need to know what their people are doing and doesn’t always know what is going to happen tomorrow. He or she creates an environment of excellence and is able to place trust in others to get the job done. Their employees solve their own problems and find more efficient ways of working.

In the last 30 years the world has become incredibly small and incredibly fast.

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